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    Here is a (constantly expanding) list of the feedback that has been received via the app store. It also shows feedback that has been received via personal communications. Personal communication feedback is anonymised and only posted here when permission has been granted. We’d love to hear the unique ways in which our users are benefiting from BioAid. Please contact us, or leave an app store review.

    “My father is 88 years old, and had become more and more isolated socially due to hearing loss – mostly high-frequency. He has been using hearing aids prescribed and adjusted by a medical specialist for the past several years, with very limited success. Even with the hearing aid, others have had to speak loudly close to his “better” ear, often with several repeats. I just quickly tried out your BioAid app on an iPod Touch with him, with only about 5 minutes work guessing at a setting – gradual high-frequency boost (your “B” default) with the noise suppression cranked up a bit.

    The effect for him (and for my mother) was dramatic. For the first time in several years, in either a home environment, or driving in the car, they could now carry on a regular conversation in normal voice, even when sitting about 10 feet apart, instead of her nearly shouting into his ear with very imperfect results. It works well for him also in a small group, such as a (somewhat quieter) restaurant environment with friends — he can follow and participate in the group discussion, which he has also been unable to do any more." – Anon, USA

    My son is 18 and has Down’s Syndrome. Since birth, he has suffered mild to moderate hearing loss, suffered many very nasty ear infections and had a series of operations. He is not able to wear a conventional in-ear hearing aid as they irritate his skin and give him eczema, which compounds further infection. He will not wear a BAHA as it does not ‘look cool’ and he is quite scared by the sudden ability to hear, which is counterproductive. Recently, he has been reported falling asleep in class at college as he is not engaged in learning when he cannot hear the tutor.

    Since downloading the BioAid app on his iPad and iPod, my son is actively taking part in class discussions and we do not have to have the home TV on at such a high volume – a relief to us all. – Anon, UK

    BEFORE USING: I am retired and one of the people who can not afford the high cost of hearing aids.The first test after “calibrating” will be to listen for the singing of spring birds. I have not heard them for many years now and really miss these sounds in the morning while having coffee on the front porch.

    AFTER USE REPORT: WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT IN HEARING! The BioAid has improved my ability to hear what is happening around me. The iPhone does not need to be pointed in the direction of the sound to “hear” it. The most noticeable hearing improvement is having directional hearing now along with the ability to hear sounds that I miss without using the BioAid (such as my my wife trying to get my attention). I can firmly support the need to calibrate the BioAid to the television set. A user definitely needs to take the time to find the right setting for their hearing improvement. It will make a world of difference in how you perceive the improved hearing. The sound of birds singing in the morning is wonderful to hear again." – Bruce, Washington State, USA

    “I was amazed, took a chance and could not be more pleased .. Don’t have hearing aids yet and this app has made such a difference. Very pleased .. Would definitely pay for this .. thanks for the free app Great” – Me2533, USA

    “I love this app for watching TV or around the house” – Anon, UK

    “Having tested a few other apps, this one surpasses the rest. It provides a simple user friendly way of selecting the frequencies you need amplifying, other hearing aids just make everything louder which makes them uncomfortable most of the time. This allowed me to select the best frequency, and picks out the detail in the sound that is usually hard to hear for me, I plugged in my hands free kit with earphones and mike in the cord, and it just looks like I’m wearing earphones, brilliant!!” – FraggerBlagger, UK

    “I am amazed with this app. I have two CIC hearing aid worth more than 2500 pounds and this one beats the pants off. 5 stars without a doubt. Its a great substitute or even better than the hearing aids sold in market for thousands of pounds!!!!!! Keep up the good work.” – MG, UK

    “What distinguishes BioAid from the competition is the availability within the app of multiple settings to meet the needs of different types of hearing loss. You can have a flat boost of all frequencies or you can choose to boost just high frequencies, in a variety of ways, using different amounts of compression, and you can even adjust the sensitivity to background noise. In a sense, you have the kind of control over frequency curves that usually only an audiologist would. It works. Versatile Hearing Amplification” – Bob in Brooklyn, USA

    “We just used the app with a set of over ear headphones with my mother-in-law. She kept her hearing aids in and the headphones didn’t even buzz. Once we started the app and started talking her face lit up in excitement! She could hear better and more clearly. It’s not practical for being out in public but she was hearing full conversations at the dinner table even with a washer and drier in the back ground. Typically she would barely hear her name even with her hearing aids all the way up. This app is great if used like this!!! Amazing!” – NTJJake, USA

    “Amazing – This app helped me a lot one weekend I was temporarily deaf due to my own stupidness. I had been at a club and danced right next to a speaker and as you might have guessed I could not hear a thing the next day. I got this app and it worked like a charm! Good work guys” – Tapuwa Chikowore, USA

    “좋습니다 – 청력이 좋지 않은데 보청기를 낄정도는 아니고 혹시 어플이 있나 찾아봤는데 꽤 많은 보청기 어플이 있더군요. 다 받아서 테스트 해보았는데 이 어플이 가장 좋았습니다. 딱 한가지 아쉬운게 있는데 기술적으로 가능한지는 모르겠습니다. 아이폰 번들 이어폰에 있는 마이크를 사용하게 돼있는데 본체에 달린 마이크랑 사용자 선택이 가능하면 만능 어플이 될것 같습니다~!” – 꽃꽃한놈

    “It is great- I am not hearing impaired enough to use a hearing-aid, but I was just browsing to see if I could find any hearing-aid applications and I found many applications. I tried to download all of the applications for the hearing-aid, then I realised that your application was the best.” – I’m a guy with a face like flowers, S.Korea (translated from Korean)

    “Слышно как переваривается пища в желудке – это можно сравнить с камнепадом. Отлично усиливает тихие шумы(шорохи), а громкие приглушает” – Нет многозадачности.

    [It is so sensitive that] you can hear digesting of food in the stomach, which sounds a bit like a rockfall. It amplifies the quiet sounds exceptionally and the loud ones it quietens. – Нет многозадачности, Russia (translated from Russian)

    “Thank you! for all that you have done to make life more livable for me and everyone around me with the hearing instrument! It is so much more helpful than anything else I have experienced” – Anon user, Texas, USA

    “Excellent – I’d been using a different hearing aid app, which was okay, but hard to get enough boost without it sounding tinny. BioAid is far better – good amplification, and once you’ve found the best setting the sound quality is great. My only request is that later versions remember your preferences, which I don’t think this one does (that’s not really a problem though). Great app!” – KB, Essex, UK

    “Dramatically effective for my father – My father is in his upper 80s, and had substantial high-frequency hearing loss. The past few years he had been increasingly isolated from social contacts, because could not participate in group conversations, hear at church or lodge meetings, or enjoy music. The various hearing aids he has gotten from the US Veterans Administration have not been effective, even after they were adjusted several times by the clinician.I am an engineer. I read about the BioAid project in an electronic engineering journal. Not expecting much, we gave it a try – I guessed that the Gradual High Frequency Boost profile might work, and I set the background noise filter to about 50.The effect was dramatic. My parents were able to carry out a normal conversation for the first time in several years (MUCH less frustrating for my mother – this has improved their relationship noticeably). This worked across the living room, in the car (without too much driving noise), and in a smaller restaurant. He has made some adjustments of the noise filter (usually a bit higher), but nothing else.The UI could still use some work – automatically starting with the chosen settings would be helpful, as would enabling the iPod accessibility features for users with limited vision. But this has been a breakthrough for him, I’m gathering information for him to take to the VA hospital, so that they can perhaps recommend this for other clients with similar age-related hearing loss.P.S. A 2nd-hand iPod Touch 4g works fine for this app.” Loyal Son, USA

    “I love this app! Watching TV right now while using this app and now I can watch while laying in bed after a long day without having to worry about feedback from my aging hearing aids. I can definitely see myself using this app a lot while I’m at home (I tend not to wear my HA’s when at home). Keep up the great work!” M Gonzales, USA

    “Having downloaded the BioAid Hearing Aid to my iPhone yesterday my initial finding is that BioAid enabled me to: (1) select an ideal setting (Flat setting 3) within 10 minutes of using the hearing aid. (2) thoroughly enjoy Easter lunch with my family and hear every conversation and domestic sound for the first time in 30 or more years, absolute bliss!” Anon user, UK